ICAR has sanctioned 31 KVKs to the state of Rajasthan out of which 6 KVK’s are under the Directorate of Extension Education, MPUA&T, Udaipur. These KVKs are functioning as an innovative science based grass-root institutions to impart need-based resource oriented vocational training to farmers, farm women, rural youth and field functionaries. They under take “on” and “off” farm research for assessment and refinement of improved technology and conduct frontline demonstrations to demonstrate the maximum genetic production potential of improved crop varieties and production technologies.

Out of the ten agro-climatic zones of the state two falls under MPUAT service area viz., (i) Sub Humid Southern Plains and Aravalli Hills-Zone IVa and (ii) Humid South-Eastern Plains-Zone IVb. In these two zones there are 06 Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs), one in each district. Six KVKs viz., Banswara, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Dungarpur, Rajsamand and Pratapgarh are with the University and one i.e. KVK, Badgaon, Udaipur is with Vidhya Bhawan Society (NGO).


Zone Agro-climatic zone District Location of KVK Year of establishment Instructional farm area (ha)
IV a Sub-humid southern plains and Aravalli hills


IV b Humid Southern Plains Banswara



KVK Banswara: It was established in the year 1983 and is located at Borwat village which is 8 km away from the Banswara. KVK has well developed vermicompost & nursery unit and fish rearing farm. KVK is well known for it mother orchard and nursery in the district during 2009-10, 27500 plants of improved varieties of mango, papaya, guava, sapota were produced multiplication and were made available to district. KVK is also engaged in seed production of improved varieties and in the recent year it produced 150 q seed of soybean, wheat and gram.. KVK is actively engaged itself in disseminating its services in NAIP project for securing livelihoods of tribal families. KVK has attained specialization in multiplication of mango plants and have well developed mother orchard bearing plants of improved varieties e.g. mallika, kesar, langra, amraphal.

KVK Bhilwara: In the year 1992 KVK was established in Suwana village of Bhilwara and possess instructional farm of 11.25 ha. KVK is well known for its vermiculture unit in the district and is providing plants of improved varieties of pomegranate, custard apple mango, papaya, guava, sapota. Significant work has been done by KVK in developing entrepreneurial among rural youths and girls.

KVK Chittorgarh: It is located at village Rithola which is 10 Km. away from Chittorgarh on Jaipur Udaipur Fore lane Highway. It has a well developed progeny mother orchard of peach, plum, guava, pomegranate, custard apple, mango and litchi. Under Hi-tech nursery KVK provided good quality planting material of pomegranate, custard apple mango, papaya, guava, sapota, lime, kinnu etc. KVK produced improved seed of soybean, sesame, wheat, barley and mustard and water melon.

KVK Dungarpur: This KVK was established in the year 1992 at Faloj which is 18 km away from District Headquarter. KVK has well developed dairy, goat, nursery and vermicompost unit. KVK is associated with NAIP project for securing livelihoods of tribal families. KVK has engaged itself in promoting entrepreneurship among tribal youths by organizing skill development trainings.

KVK Rajsamand: It was established in the year 1994 and is located on Bhilwara by pass road. KVK in the area has set example for its farm pond and utilization of rain water in different activities. KVK produced 18000 plants of papaya, lemon, sapota, aonla ,karonda and guava and is also engged in seed production of cluster bean, mustard & barley.

KVK Pratapgarh: KVK Pratapgarh was established in March, 2012 and is located at Basad farm, Mandsaur Road which is 6 Kms away from District Headquarter. This centre has an instructional farm area of 23.29 ha with irrigation facility by open well. The development of farm is going on and we have established 1 km underground pipeline with sprinklers for micro irrigation. Seed production programme is being taken at KVK of crop like soybean black gram, gram, ajwain etc. Different demonstration unit have been established at KVK viz. Azolla unit, Low Cost Shade net house, Vermi compost unit, small papaya orchard and nutritional garden for practical learning by farmers and farm women. In coming months mother orchard of Guava, mango, pomegranate, ber and sweet orange and Hi-tech nursery will be developed. KVK is working for upliftment of social economic status of tribal families. KVK organized training for farmers and farm women. FLD’s on chick pea, soybean, black gram, mustard, maize and wheat were implemented. In horticulture FLD’s on spices fenugreek, cumin, coriander, fennel, dill, nigella were conducted because Pratapgarh district is very well known for spices.

Village Adoption Programme by KVKs

Each KVK has adopted 5 villages for bringing holistic development. In these villages KVK scientists are putting concerted efforts for quick dissemination of improved technologies. After two years 5 old villages are left and 5 new villages are adopted so that the spread effect is seen gradually in whole district. Out of these villages selected by each KVK, one village has been developed as Model Village, depicting all the technological interventions feasible for the agro-climatic conditions of the area. The model village acts as Technology Transfer Centre or lighthouse and provide direction for future development of other villages through new technology adoption. The objectives of this programme are:

  • Improving overall economic status of farm families through farming system approach.
  • Reducing the time lag between technology generation, dissemination and its adoption by direct interaction of farmer with the scientists, and Utilization of resources of line departments, development departments, NGO's, Bank etc for integrated development of villages.
News and invitation for XV Alumni Meet and Felicitation program New
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Inter College tournament in MPUAT New
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AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Program On Technological Advances and Emerging Dimensions in Energy and Power sector” from 18th December, 2017 to 30thDecember, 2017 at College of Technology & Engineering New
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Brochure of 32 Biennial Conference of the Home Science Association of India New
Inauguration of CLSU Office of Fisheries College
Joining of Dr. Abhay Kumar Mehta as Director Research of MPUAT
Closing of 21 days CAFT training Center for Advance FAculty Training in Organic Farming
Joining of Dr. S.D. Dhakar, Dean, COA, Bhilwara
Blood Donation Camp At CTAE, Udaipur 84 Blood Units Donated - 25-09-2017
Man ki Bat and Blood Donation Camp in MPUAT
visit of Prof. U S Sharma sb, Vice Chancellor, MPUAT, to Jigjiga University, Ithiopia (East Africa)
Advanced Training Course On Organic Production Management : Approaches and Practices, Sept-11-Oct-1, 2017
Screening Test for the Post of Assistant Professors and Subject Matter Specialists held on dated 17-09-2017 Schedule of Uploading of Answer Key, Raising Objections and Uploading of Final Key
Workshop on Computer Literacy and science awareness organised at Challi Village
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Admission in Ph.D. (Aquaculture) by Course Work, Faculty of Fisheries (2015-16)
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